Say it! He Vas My Boyfriend!

I have this thing about having a boyfriend at fifty. Every time I hear myself saying I have a boyfriend, I hear the voice of Cloris Leachman in Young Frankenstein or in this stage production….this clip might explain further.

Audience giggles….at what exactly?

It has nothing to do with embarrassment that I have a romantic interest in someone. I think it is the oddity of saying of a woman saying “boyfriend.” I expect teenagers, college girls, young women in the 20’s and 30’s having boyfriends.

I am dating a man though and maybe that is where I am feeling not exactly at ease.

I’ll already tried gentleman caller, the man, my honey and none of it sounds quite like what I am trying to capture.

So, if you happen to read this and can help me come up with a more appropriate word, let me know.


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