Three Little Songs

I’ve been asked to write about the three most important songs in my life. Well that’s unfair- my life isn’t over yet! So the best I can do is write about three songs to date that have meaning to me….and maybe a few honorable mentions

Let me preface this post with full disclosure. I was once, a long time ago, a music major- not a very good one but I think I hear music differently, more analytically, than many people who have not had to sit a read music scores while listening to hours of recorded versions for comparison and dissection of performance. Not fun at all, I couldn’t listen to music for a long time after that.

1. The main song to the Mission by Ennio Morricone. It is brilliant from a composition standpoint. Mixing vocal music with drums and a over-arching beautiful oboe solo. Marvelous, truly inspiring. I think this whole score has been greatly under-appreciated.  If you haven’t listened to it here is a live performance and trying not to feel your spirit soar.

2. Now for something completely different. Amy Winehouse singing Tears Dry On Their Own. The entire Back to Black album speaks to me and a time when I needed her strength and her voice. Too bad she couldn’t pull herself up.

Both of these mark the opening and closing chapters of my life….I loved them both but I think I am waiting for another chapter…

The final one….this is hard to limit it to just three…..I mean Mozart, Beethoven, Gershwin, Cole Porter, Sondheim, Copland, Bach, Lennon & McCartney…they all played major roles in my life…

3. While I’d love to say something profound like the Hallelujah chorus or Beethoven’s 5th, it just has to be Bob Marley and the Wailers, Three Little Birds, reminding me to not worry about a thing. I listened to this for many summers, walking the beach, watching the waves while drinking the  1st coffee of the day, looking for shells, feeling the salty Atlantic lapping at my feet. I can still smell the ocean water- what could be better.

Honorable mentions:

-The theme song from “Call the Midwife” – lovely, simple, contemplative, here listen and maybe watch an episode, I challenge you not to get hooked on this charming series.

-Elvis Costello, pretty much anything by him, another greatly under-appreciated composer of my life

Gustave Holst’s The Planets, Jupiter, a great piece used in a lot of movie scores

-The tango’s of Astor Piazzolla, here is the Libertine tango, his tango’s are a wonderful mix of longing and sensuality you forget that you are listening to an accordion…hot! Oblivion is so sexy yet sad, just fabulous.

I could go on, but really I am sure you have to get on your day. I hope I’ve introduced you to some music maybe you never considered before and I look forward to reading/listening what others are posting!


9 thoughts on “Three Little Songs

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  1. Wow! I’ve never heard Mission before but thank you, thank you!! It’s fantastic!! Just the kind of music I like. I’m gonna go devour it. Will check out your honorable mentions too. 🙂


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