Writing 101: Response to the Responses to an MSN Fluff Article

Today we are tasked with writing 400 words, or more in 15 minutes on whatever we want.

I wasn’t jazzed about this assignment, really how much fun could this be? But then I read, “Clothes She Wishes You Wore.” Okay, I know this is fluff, but they were pretty right on about a lot of the advice they were handing out. And NO, this wasn’t an ad in disguise as an article.

But, what I really want to comment on are the hilarious, caveman-like responses from all the guys who were saying, “Hey man, I just like to be comfortable, I would get beat up wearing pink and these guys look like jerks- do they ever get laid? Women are slobs too..” etc.

1. This article is about the word, “general.” Yes, they are saying generally women prefer men in suits, but if your job doesn’t require a suit, don’t do it! Looks artificial. But, there are times your are required to wear a suit and so be prepared to have the ladies love you.

2. On the topic of comfortability: If it ain’t comfortable, then you bought the wrong size, wrong cut or the fabric sucks. PERIOD. FYI- this happens to women too. Oh, and while I am at it, how uncomfortable is a cashmere sweater to a hoodie? Not any more or less, just wear something nicer than what you wear to watch the game with the guys when you go out for a night on the town.

3.Wearing pink on a guy says, I know who I am. That is hot. Now don’t get all bent out of shape on this. Not asking for head to toe bunny suit, but how about a nice shirt with some pink in it? If you are not into a full-on pink shirt, go subtle pink in a pattern. Try it you might dig the response you get.

4. No guy would get beat up for wearing loafers with jeans and a sports jacket. Really? If you do, you need to be finding some other places to hang out.

5. The article was heavy on vintage jeans, and wearing boxers (or nothing) to bed, so why is that sooo difficult to buy into? This article was suppose to be humorous, remember?

6.Do they get laid? oh yeah, next stupid question.

7. Yes, women have their own issues dressing themselves as well, but this article isn’t about them- it’s about what we would like to see on a man. We don’t want to tell you what to wear, we want you to know when you look in the mirror that you look awesome, hot, sexy, before stepping out the door. Trust me, no one wants to be your mommy telling you to go back upstairs and take another whack at it or tuck your shirt in. smh- hard!

8. We need to rebrand the word “fashion” for men. When I think of fashion I think of twiggy models gliding down the catwalk with vacant stares, wearing something outrageous. This is probably not too far off from what a lot of men think when you ask them would do you see when you think of fashion.

Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox and you can rip me to shreds.


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