Daily Prompt – To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

I remember faking a nap as a child. My mom must have really cursed me in her head for not giving her that peaceful moment to herself. Bedtime was a strictly observed at 9:00 PM and you went to bed, but not always to sleep. I’d find a flashlight and read in bed in the middle of the night. Don’t know why, it just seemed fun to be a rebel in my own geeky way.

In my late teens to mid twenties, I developed horrible headaches that left me in the shape of a question mark, head hanging over, shoulders slumped. I’d down handfuls of meds to try to stop the throbbing- nothing helped. I learned that if I could just close my eyes, and relax every part of my body, my face muscles, finger tips, I’d quickly fall asleep.

Kind of a meditation for me and when I woke up, no more that 15 minutes later, viola! the headache was gone. A miracle cure, a nap!

I could even fall asleep this way at the end of a yoga class, during the cool down phase. I caught myself snoring once and snapped back to reality when I heard a few giggles in the room.

Sleep for me now is a sometime thing. For nearly 4 years now, I’ve had hot flashes that have woken me up several times a night. For the unenlightened, imagine waking up for no reason, then all of a sudden feeling your heart pound hard, then your whole body feels like you’ve been laying in the midday sun.

Covers go flying and you lay in your sweaty night shirt waiting for it to pass. You fall asleep, then you wake up in a cold shiver from the sweat and the lack of bedding covering you. Repeat this process 3 – 4 times a night.

I have discovered that one PM sleeping pill or a more natural remedy melatonin will encourage a more peaceful sleep.  I don’t know if I’ve had a hot flash or if it stops them from happening. I just know I slept and that is all that matters.


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