Daily Prompt – State of Your Year

The Daily Prompt suggested to write a State of the Year entry. In general, I loath these types of writing assignments. They always read like a Christmas card from people who write as if everything is fabulous in their life. “I got a fabulous raise (promotion, award, etc.) at work and my fabulous children all got straight A’s, and we moved into our brand new, fabulous house with a pool, we took a fabulous vacation to Tahiti …” etc.


While I know they mean well, it really doesn’t do anything but point out where your life is lacking. Why can’t the purpose of a Christmas card be, “Hey, the family is all together this holiday. While we’ve had a lot a good fortune and times this year, we know that what is important is that we are all on this earth together, trying to make it through each day and make a difference. Hoping all are happy and healthy this holiday. I miss you- let’s keep in touch- more than just Facebook, lol.”

So maybe I should write a State of the Year as if it were are State of the Union address.

The State of My State Address

My fellow Americans, today we are challenged with the idea that the past will dictate our future. Sure, we are still looking for that next great challenging career, sure it has been over a year since our last full time employment, but we are making progress and strides to landing that role that will bring happiness and prosperity.

By taking a contract job, we have made the effort to stay off unemployment, keep food on the table and add valuable skills to the resume. This, this is the right and honorable thing to do.

While our detractors will admonish us for not being full-time associates, we will not let that push us down into the depths of despair. We will rise above this knowing it makes economic since. So our search continues, our heads and hearts held high.

The state of our house is good. Property value continues to rise. Extra time on our hands has given forth to a promising summer vegetable crop that will produce fruits, vegetables and herbs. The organic kind that will create tasty salads and other recipes found on the FoodNetwork. (audience claps madly)

Truly, we are thankful for the knowledge bestowed onto us by our father, the master gardener and soil scientist.


We have plans, that hopefully and if budgeted for correctly, to replace the worn out, stained carpeting of the living room, the scratched and tired linoleum in the kitchen with new hardwood flooring, bringing together in harmony both rooms and peace to the land.

And finally, the tenant of the house, the nephew, is employed and going to school part-time to get him the education he needs to get ahead in this competitive job market. He has even successfully learned to clean his bathroom, occasionally vacuum, and bake chicken.

 (audience goes crazy)

We have immense challenges ahead of us, but nothing like some of our neighboring friends in this world. Wishing you all a bright and positive rest of the year.

Thank you and good luck to you all!483


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