Daily Prompt: The Placebo Effect

If you could create a painless, inexpensive cure for a single ailment, what would you cure and why?

Okay, my knee jerk reaction would be to cure stupidity.

After almost being creamed by a white pick up crossing over two lanes, just missing my bumper, feeling my adrenaline kick in, slamming on the breaks, who could blame me for wanting this?

But, if I did cure stupidity, then how would we measure genius?


Second thought would be a magic pill to cure hatred for surely hatred is a disease, we breed it, pass it along to our children, quite infectious when you aren’t acknowledging its existence.

Now how do we get all the terrorists, racists and other haters to take the pill? or would we all take it, maybe put it in the water system or a mass smoke bomb that releases the magical cure. No-hate bombs launched at all the hot spots of the world, including our own US territories and out of the fog comes a people at peace with themselves and others.

Now, without hate in the world. I think many of our problems would be solved, violence against women, no religious persecution, no racism.

We could concentrate more on things that matter like world food supply, pollution, taking care of those with mental illnesses, the environment, disease, the list goes one and on. Maybe a little naive of me but what a wonderful thing it would be to cure hatred.

Peace out- Image result for peace sign


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