Brine me, brine me just a little longer, please!

Tell us about times in which you linger — when you don’t want an event, or a day to end. What is it you love about these times? Why do you wish you could linger forever?

While I do remember wonderful summer picnics and outdoors concerts in my younger days with mounds of my mother’s delicious potato salad, homegrown cantaloupes and games of Frisbee on newly mown lawns, I like to share with you a rather wonderful and more recent experience I had on vacation.

Now I write about this for several reasons. One being that if you are not a spa person, you should highly reconsider your stance on this. Two, if you have the chance to go to the Ritz in Cancun- you book an appointment right away! Three, so I remember to count my blessings that I could travel at will at one time. Four, always ask yourself, “why not,” some great things can happen.

Katy, a long-time girlfriend of mine wanted to head to Cancun one spring to get away from her job in academia and I had no vacation planned, so when she asked if I wanted to go, I said,”Why not?”


While there, after having enough of the cabana-life (Raul, I need another Margarita please!) she suggested we sign up for a spa treatment. Being the agreeable type said, “Why not?!”  

By the next morning she had signed us both up for some apricot scrub, something with abrasives in it, and I thought “Whoa, this is going to be painful….” but then again, why not?

I laid there partially covered by towels on a raised bed when a young Mexican woman entered the dim room. The gentle sounds of a flute played in the background. I thought to myself that this isn’t so different from any other spa. She proceeded to cover me in goop that was just a little gritty, not too bad on the newly tanned skin.

Legs first, the arms and hands she rubbed gently. Shoulders and neck…..okay this was pretty nice. She spoke very little but covered everything a swim suit would show. I was glad she was not a talker, conversation would have disrupted the pleasant experience.

By this time, still covered with towels and eyes closed, when I felt a familiar texture being pulled over my body. I lifted one eye-lid slowly. It was plastic wrap, yeah like from your kitchen. The young woman walked around the platform bed proceeding to wrap me up like a side of beef.

Okay, now I am back to reality. What is going on here? But then I asked the all important question, “Why not?!” After being wrapped up like last night’s leftovers, came a blanket with straps. I really must have looked like a spider’s dinner when warmth started to permeate the layers.

Ahhhhhh, a heating blanket, I relaxed. I am being brined and I don’t care, as I laid there in the dark with the flute music, slippery, gooey mess all rolled up into one neat package. Brine baby brine. She left the room.

I don’t know how long I laid there. I was happy in my cocoon knowing there was no where important I had to be, nothing due, no house to clean. In that world, there was no gas to mow, no laundry to fold.

But the inevitable did happen. She came back into the room to unwrap the body, my body that now felt like jello. Since I didn’t sign up for this, I really had no idea of what was to follow. I felt a slight chill as the air hit the newly uncovered, slimy skin when she covered me with another towel and instructed me to sit up and follow her.

I hadn’t noticed a door on the far side of the room. She led me through the door and up some steps to a bubbling tub and gently helped me into the water. Oh my, I thought as my eyes focused on where I was.

The view was amazing. I was bubbly away in my own private jacuzzi tub over looking the Mexican beach, white sands and turquoise water. She was pour sweet smelling soap (I think) into the water and then handed me a cold drink.

Heaven, this is what heaven must be like.

As I finished the drink, the young woman appeared again and ushered me back into the room with the bed. The final act was a massage. With all the slime washed away and thoroughly relaxed, she further wrestled any knotted muscles out with her firm hands and elbows. Please, I thought, let there be a fourth act.

She finished and left the room. I was left to put my robe and slippers back on and retreat to the meditation room to lounge further. There was my friend Katy, also a gelatinous mess waiting there, eating nuts and dried fruits wearing a robe, slippers and a smile.

Why not?



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