Hunter or Gatherer?

The question was posted on The Blog Propellant, are you a hunter or a gatherer?

There’s a lot of passionate opinions whether to, or not to partake of animal protein-based gastronomy. Most of us fall somewhere in-between: We like land-food and seafood just fine and don’t necessarily turn up our nose at vegan menu item.

Having worked with dietitians and cardiologists, it isn’t coincidence that I think about this a lot.

My nephew lives with me. A well-mannered young man of 23, finding his way in the world, but just hasn’t discovered the fine art of eating. If he had his way, all he’d ever eat is meat, chicken, beef and some seafood. Vegetables are a garnish on his plate.

I remember the 70’s with the first memories of vegans as part of the hippie movement, eating grass and twigs and moss….okay not really, but that was my first impression of vegans. I have known a few vegans in my past and I must admit while they were very slender they weren’t much fun to hang out with, share a meal, etc. Too many rules. At least vegetarians can eat cheese and butter and I can live with that.

But I was struck by a comment Ruth Riechl, the former and final editor of Gourmet magazine, made at the beginning of the vegetarian chapter in book “Gourmet Today.”

I will have to paraphrase,

Don’t make these recipes because they are vegetarian, 

make them because they taste good.

She has a point, below is Pumpkin fondue, yum! I can eat one sugar pie pumpkin by myself.

I think I could live quite happily on some of the recipes I’ve tried from that book but only if accompanied by some fish or other seafood here or there. The correct name for a vegetarian who eats fish is a pescetarian. Pesce from the Italian meaning fish.

I think it is funny that spell check wants me to change it to proletariat…hahahaha

If I could afford to be a pescetarian all the time, I would, but fresh, not breaded and fried, is hard to come by here, especially in the winter. So for now, I have to substitute chicken for fish and that works for me.

As far as the thought that killing another animal for food is wrong. I don’t think about it too much. It is the way of the world that one thing kills another to survive. We are just the omnivores who are at the top of the chain. I know where my food comes from thank you and I know we can’t shouldn’t survive on meat alone.

Everything in balance.

This would hurt my ancestors from Montana to know that while I like a good steak, I don’t need a good steak. They would say, “Don’t you know the west wasn’t won on a salad bar?!”

Yes, this is a basketball size head of cabbage from my dad’s garden….now what to do with it all?

Let me go eat my salmon burger now.


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