Answer to Yesterday’s Daily Prompt: A Mystery Wrapped In an Enigma

Two Truths and a Lie

The answer to yesterday’s prompt lies in the fact that people, generally, want to be nice.

I had a colleague who had recently relocated to work on the east coast. He loved to play this game with new associates.  His two truths and a lie were:

1. I grew up in Orange County, CA.

2. I speak fluent Spanish.

3. I have two dogs.

All three choices very plausible.

However, everyone assumed by his looks he spoke Spanish.He was short with round features, dark hair and an olive complexion, so say he did speak Spanish might be an insult to him. No one would dare challenge ethnicity! Little did they know he was 100% Irish.

If you got the right answer to my two truths and a lie, but didn’t post out of kindness, I thank you. If you didn’t get it then all I have to say is,

“Grace is not my middle name.”


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