In Response: Holy Spaces

What space is precious to you? What place do you revere? What is a sacred ground for you, and why? Think of a room, a location out-of-doors, a place in time, a moment shared with another…What would you entitle a “holy space?”


Call me a reformed druid

My garden is my holiest of all holy spaces

I celebrate the sprouting of beet seedlings and the late spring thunderstorms.

Strained muscles, tanned, mosquito bitten legs, sweaty love in  fair trade for it’s quiet solitude

Look for the box turtle that  manages to eat the first cucumbers off the vine

that’s okay, there will be more

Let’s transplant the clematis vine so it can trail over the abstract sculpture of an ape

next year, next year, next year it will be a masterpiece

My gorilla of the garden keeps guard while I’m at work

wishing I were there, pulling weeds and not in sterile cube-land

I fought for this land, it is mine while I still live and breath

It will be there long after I leave

It is forever

and forever

is holy



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