Fashion and Fifty- Do they mix? or should I nix?

Okay fellow bloggers and lovers of all-that is fashion:

Here is my dilemma. My company finally started “jeans Fridays.” which would be great except, I rarely wear jeans. I am the epitome of the word “prim.” I like to think, I’m a classic.

The last ones I bought I think I picked them up at a designer jeans retailer….and I really should have turned and run out the door when the sales girl told me I looked great in whiskered jeans.

For those who don’t know, whiskered jeans have permanent lines going across where your thigh meets your hip. It’s cool….for someone who doesn’t have hips. Hmmmmm who doesn’t have hips, men? young girls? absolutely just not anyone with hips. Stop deluding yourself – it doesn’t work.

Drawing a horizontal line across the widest part of your body doesn’t do the figure any favors. So when this young lady was telling me how flattering they were, I simply went to the next pair and gave her a little lecture about selling.

Same thing goes for low rise too.

You don’t need to be looking down the crack in the back at 50.

What I did buy ended up in the bottom of my drawer. Shake my head, why did I do it?

My favorite jeans are no longer work appropriate. Now frayed at the bottom, torn at a belt loop, my dark, boot cut Levis were the best. Slightly tight through the thighs, flared at the bottom, looked awesome with stilettos, a t-shirt and a jacket.  But I hear boot cut is out now.

The only thing worse that swimsuit shopping is jeans shopping.


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