Monthly Travels Challenge: Discover!

I am accepting this challenge in the name of fun and safe travel everywhere!

Today, I would love everyone to discover my hometown, Richmond, VA. While we aren’t Paris or London, it is a great city with lots of history, great food, culture and sports! Good information for anyone coming here in September for the 2015 World Cycling Championships.

I will try present the pros and cons, because I do feel the need to be fair to anyone travelling through our fair city to give the real scoop.

PART 1. Food and Beverages, or Beverages and Food

But first some goofy fun!

Now with that out of the way, we have a thriving crafty brewery business here that you will find at many festivals. Should you actually go to the breweries you will find most will have food trucks outside or delivery menu’s from local restaurants. Our alcohol laws have change in recent years. We use to require serving food with any alcohol, now they just have to make it available- thus much easier to start a brewery when you don’t have to worry about the food too.

Also, since we have a lot of apple growers of heritage and heirloom varieties in the western part of the state, the apple cider industry here has been given high praise for reviving an old tradition. Check out this Washington Post article.

Here are just a few of the local brewery names you will find:

Hardywood Park


Blue Bee Cider

Center of the Universe


Legend- serves food overlooking the James River


Lickinghole Creek

Since this blog is about Richmond, I will save a later blog to talk about the 250 wineries of Virginia! (can you say yum?!)

Food, for such a little city and more like a big town, we have a lot of restaurants. Especially if you are downtown or what we call the Fan and near West End. I really don’t think I’ve been to one that I would not go back to again. Just ate at Stella’s, had an appetizer of grilled squid and oh my, I nearly licked the plate clean….Displaying IMG_2600.JPG.

(empty grilled squid plate at Stella’s)

For any traveler, going anywhere, use the app Urbanspoon to find local restaurants, reviews, etc. Please pay attention to when the reviews were written. A lot can change in a short period of time.

If you are not familiar with the app,  Urbanspoon  will pick up on restaurants close to you. Richmond is a town that has had a lot of sprawl in it’s long history so finding what you want may be a challenge and if you are not willing to drive somewhere, or taxi, this app really helps you find your way around to some good eats.

We have plenty of cheap (or cheaper) dining as well as fine dining. Some of my favorites that are somewhere in the middle:

The Roosevelt -pairs Virginia wines to its southern culture cuisine

Amour Wine Bistro– French menu with an awesome chocolate salted caramel creme brulee

Stella’s – Greek, need to plan a return trip

Dutch & Co.- fantastic cocktails and yummy appetizers!

The Daily Kitchen– on Cary Street, just great mix of food and people watching

Buzz & Ned’s– the best, absolute, best barbecue and sides (don’t forget the sides!) in a hole in the wall place, don’t let the 1/2 doz or so motorcycles parked outside keep you away…EVERYONE goes here!

The Blue Goat- wish they had kept their deep fried pig’s ear on the menu! ugh, sounds disgusting, but oh so good!

Proper Pie– sweet and savory, Alton Brown gave it excellent reviews for both

The Black Sheep– for lunch, their sandwiches are legendary

The Magpie– small but delicious gastropub

I’d tell you to check out Trip Advisor, but after looking at the list, I am not sure how unbiased it really is…..a lot of the pricey stuff is up first and not where I’d start off a culinary adventure.

I hope you enjoyed my few tips about Richmond, VA

Image result for quotes on eating

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