Monthly Travels Challenge: Discover!

As part of the Travel Challenge to Discover something new, I submitted a post about my hometown in hopes it might sway a few people to discover “the Old Dominion.”

Yesterday, I gave a brief synopsis of Richmond, VA’s food and beverage scene in Part 1. Now let’s get outside!

Part 2. RVA, Let’s Go Outside to Play

One of the best things Richmond has going for it is the James River. Named after King James by the early English settlers, it is now a major draw to outdoor adventurists.

This is the view of the canal and just beyond it the James from the floor of where I work.

Taken in winter. If today had been sunny, I would have posted a spring pic!

Just to prove I am not being braggadocios, here is an article by Outdoor Magazine listing Richmond, VA as the Best River Town in America in 2012. There are people kayaking, shooting the rapids, all the time and paddle boards going at their own sweet pace along the canal. In between is Brown’s Island, host to festivals and concerts just about every weekend in the spring and summer.


One of my favorites is the Dominion River Rock festival in the spring that encourages outdoor sports for all types!

In the fall, the Richmond Folk festival is not to be missed! We get travelers from around the world to attend this multicultural event! I am signing up to volunteer right now.

And finally, for you outdoor enthusiasts, this September Richmond will be hosting the UCI ROAD WORLD Cycling Championships. A week long series of races not to be missed with athletes from around the world.

I can’t wait to see yall there!

Tomorrow Part 3. Let’s Get Some Culture!


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