What’s in a Wardrobe?

So yesterday, I was fretting over jeans and the lack thereof for women who don’t need to show off their crack, mid-drifts or accentuate the wrong parts of your booty.

Today’s first world problem discussion is around the Wishing-For-It -To-Happen outfit. You know that outfit you bought that for that special occasion that might happen. I think every woman has bought that dress or skirt or something she bought hoping that the invite would present itself.

I bought it when I use to travel a lot and kept several types of clothing on hand, the office wear, gardening togs, beach wear, girl’s night out, etc.

In my case, I have this fabulous silver sequin, strapless mini-dress with a pair of sky high, ballerina pink, strappy, leather Versace heels.It requires me to step out of my Brooks Brothers wrinkle resistant box and become someone else, someone really cool.

The sequins are oval shaped an sewn so that one end hangs freely, like a shimmering fish when you walk. It came with a long sheer white scarf to add to the drama. You need slicked back hair, large sunglasses and an entourage of people around you, keeping on-lookers at bay.

I’m thinking Vegas or maybe LA.

Anyone else out there have that dress or outfit just waiting for the right occasion?


5 thoughts on “What’s in a Wardrobe?

  1. I just took 3 of them to a consignment shop a couple of weeks ago instead of letting them continue to collect dust in the closet. Kept the shoes, though.

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