Sportin’ Life: Fashion Rant of the Day

Noticing a little pudginess around the midline and having a job where I sit in a cube like veal, I recently started going back back to the gym when this thought occurred to me…

 If 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra guess how many of them are wearing the wrong size sports bra?

Yup you read that right… That is 8 out of every 10 women walking around in something that doesn’t fit them- how in the world do they know what sports bra works for them!!!!!

Why is this happening?

1. Regular bra’s are really expensive. To wear a $30 – $80 and up bra to sweat in is a quick way to ruin your investment. Plus a lot are underlined with wire or some sort of firm plastic to poke you under the boob. How comfortable can that be?

2. Skimpy little sports bras are meant for A (and maybe B cup) ladies. I completely understand women wanting to wear them cause they are cute and cheap but they do nothing to keep the girls in place and thus keeping you from working out to your maximum ability.

3. Maybe they don’t know any better….if your early bra shopping was like mine, bra shopping was no fun

Here’s a good question: 

Why hasn’t someone taken the initiative to work with  a chain of gyms to become their onsite educator of women’s sportswear?

Gyms have racks set up to sell their own branded t-shirts, shorts and other merchandise. Why not their own brand of sports bra with an onsite fitter, if they want the advice, properly so they don’t hurt or embarrass themselves- how brilliant would that be?

No, really….sport bras don’t have to cost a fortune and they can be really cool looking.

Wait a minute….I think I’ve stumbled across something in this rant….you think they are embarrassed by the word, “bra?” or maybe by the fact that they hold a breast in place.

Hey get over it…every other person in this world has a pair of boobs…more if you count some men (moobs= man boobs).

Why do I care? Cause you can’t be all you can be with the girls all over the place!

You wouldn’t let someone lift weights in flip flops would you?


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