Love Actually- Love Everyday

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Transit.”

If you are every in need of a pick me up, drive to any airport, park in the 1 hour free parking if available, set a timer and go find the arrivals gate.  What you seek, you will find.

In busier airports there will be a flight landing every 5 – 10 minutes. Just wait.

Passengers walk past the final security guard into the arrivals area. Families anxiously waiting the arrival of a long missed member. Grandmother’s first sight of a new grandchild in the arms of the parents.Dad’s welcome home after a long business trip.

Occasionally there will be the soldier, with camoflagued bag, uniform and boots meeting friends and family after a long tour of duty. Group hugs.

There will be boyfriends, girlfriends embracing, smiling. A lot of kissing and a lot of joyful tears goes on in the arrivals seating area- the sweetest display of emotional connections in one room.

All love in all forms. It does exist and to see it you don’t even have to buy a ticket.


3 thoughts on “Love Actually- Love Everyday

  1. Yes, yes! I have found this to be SO true! There’s no better place to go lift your spirits. It’s even worth paying for the parking. I always thought it would be so cool to work at an airport. Loved the post!

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