Blogging With Purpose, Sort of

Blogging 101 Reloaded: Day 2                                                                            

Assignment: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

The assignment yesterday was to update your blog with a tagline and not just any old tag line. One that has purpose. Sometimes you have to sit and think about this… it took me a while.

I mean, “Looking back from 50.” was inspired by my upcoming 50 birthday and having one of those hindsight is 20/20 days. Not really in love with it, but it is okay for now. If anyone, after reading some of my stuff comes up with a better name, I’m listening.

However, names like:

Zombie’s Ate The Dingo

Much Ado About Wombats

Lasagna and Other Finger Foods

Will not be considered, I’ve already thought of them and therefore are mine already. So there you have it.


I added one but it doesn’t seem to have made it onto the page…..if anyone out there sees my tagline please let me know. I’d like to make sure I have spell it correctly. But, I’ll probably end up updating it if I ever find a really cool sounding name for my blog.

Might take a while.


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