Travel Challenge: Discover Virginia Wine Country and Polo

In Response to Monthly Travel Challenge. Come discover Virginia Wine Country.

With that said, I could devote an entire blog to Virginia’s emerging wine industry. Where Jefferson failed at making a decent bottle, over 250 wineries are growing and developing. I wouldn’t say all 250 are on par with California, but there are some mighty fine wines to be had. And not all California wines are that good either.

Today, I’d like to share a vineyard that is making a go of it and offering the added attraction of polo.

Kings Family Vineyard in scenic Crozet (Cro-zay) Virginia, sits just outside of Charlottesville and the home of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and University of VA.

They produce several very nice wines. My favorite for light summer drinking is their Viognet (Vee-on-yay) which is a grape that does extremely well in our climate.. But their Meritage is also nothing to sneeze at either. I was surprized on my last visit that they produce a Malbec, I always associated a Malbec with Argentina…..apparently there is one side of a mountain that the malbec vines grow well on. Just goes to show, climates/environment can change inch by inch.

My only complaint is the price. Their Crozet Rose is $18 and bottles of their other wines start at $23 and go up. I like to stick to finding a good wine in at $10 – 15 range, but it is all in the name of supporting our local industry so I am all for it.

They have a lovely tasting room and facilities to rent for special occasions.

Now, did someone mention polo?

Polo matches are held every Sunday, from Memorial Day weekend through mid-October, weather and field conditions permitting.  Matches are free and begin at 1:00 pm.

Why Polo? After David & Ellen King moved to Virginia from Houston, Texas in 1995, their search for a farm had one priority; 12 acres of relatively flat ground for a polo field.  Vineyards and a winery were not even a dream at that point.

David King, one of the founders of King Family Vineyards, had played polo since 1980 and wanted a field and club to continue enjoying the sport. The farm that now contains both Roseland Polo and King Family Vineyards fit perfectly into the family’s vision: a country place where we could all live, work, and play.
I love the ability to set up a tent, 15′ from the match and tailgate right there by the field. Just keep your wits about you when play begins, because horses, riders and balls are not always known to stay within the curb that defines the playing field.
A great idea and definitely worth a Sunday afternoon this summer.
More pics!

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