Where My Friend Lives

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.” Umbrellas in winter? Balaclavas in July? Show us what “off-season” means to you.

A Short Response:

When spring slips into summer, and summer to fall, and so on, I like to visit my friend. She always has lots of things for me to look at and ponder like,  “Does this make my butt look fat. Will I ever wear this?” 

My friend is amazing and the best friend a gal could have. She is at every store, even though I sometimes have to hunt her down. While I think she is great, I like to keep her to myself, unless she is hiding out in the sporting or men’s department. She is usually found at the end of an aisle or in back of the store

Sometimes she is huge, sometimes she doesn’t have my size, sometimes she spends all my money, but she is always my friend and I always look for her when I go out.

Her name you ask? Her name is Clare Rans.

Now you might see Clare next time you go out shopping and if you do, say hi for me and tell I’ll see her soon.


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