Fashion Rant #4: Check the Labels Closely!

I have finally noticed a marked decrease in the number of guys wearing their jeans at or below the buttocks. Good for those guys evolving out of the prison fashion and hopefully finding something more interesting.

Stupid fad and glad it’s going away.

However, today I am suferring from what I would call a wordrobe malfunction and am just trying to get through the day without anyone noticing.

I noticed yesterday, a co-worker, a guy wearing really nicely pressed khaki pants. It was mid afternoon and he still looked nice and crisp.

A few weeks ago I bought what appeared to be really nice looking khaki tan, ankle pants from a store called The Loft. It is summer and I just can’t do skirts everyday in this building. It’s freezing and it is a major fashion faux pas to wear nylons when it is 90° F with a humidity factor of 85%. Just miserable. Remembering my co-worker, I was inspired to turn it up a notch.

So I wore these new pants into work. When I put them on, everything was just right, not too snugged or loose, lines pressed. With a white, wrinkle resistant Brooks Brothers shirt, a bangly necklace, some really hip beaded sandals and cat-frame sunglasses, I thought I Primary Image of Tall Doubleweave Riviera Pants in Julie Fitwas the bomb- kind of urban safari meets the corporate world.

It is 10:20 and my knees are baggy and the butt is completely stretched out of shape. They have expanded all over. I could have gotten a size smaller (maybe). Don’t manufacturers consider this in their fabrics? It is a cotton/rayon mix. I guess I should have gotten more rayon than cotton.

I went from chic to sloppy in less than two hours today. I will now spend my entire day at my desk.

Wish I could return them, but it is too late at this point. Sigh….I guess I’ll have to wear them on days I don’t have to sit down.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Rant #4: Check the Labels Closely!

    1. Even jeans and t-shirt can be a fashionable….as I said in another blog, or maybe a response to a blog, I think of clothes as a personal statement of who I am, walking art some days, so when some thing like this happens, arg!


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