If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Turn, Turn, Turn.”

It was a hot, steamy day by the time she got up to go to work that Monday. It was already 84°F at 7:00. She got into her car to make the slow drive downtown.

Everything felt damp, the car door, the steering wheel and especially her skin. “Didn’t I take a shower this morning?” she thought to herself, smelling her armpits to make sure and well, make sure she hadn’t forgotten to put on deodorant. She did forget one morning and had to make a quick pitstop at a dollar store to by some emergency deordorant. It was overly strong smelling stuff, reeked in the elevator. Fellow passengers politely looked the other way. The tube now resides in her desk drawer just in case and hopefully never again.

Once in the parking deck, she got out of her car and looking down at her skirt, she saw horizontal lines running across her lap giving the impression that she had slept in her it. “Why did I even bother ironing?” Truly, starch in the south during the summer months, is a lost cause.

Sitting there, waiting for 5:00 pm to come, she dreaded the heat. But the desire to evacuate the office was stronger than her wish to avoid heatstroke.

Once back in her compact car, she immediately turned on the AC and waited for a cool breeze to fill her car. Unfortunately, a stray cat had one month previously climbed up into her engine and had somehow sprayed just the right thing to allow it’s pungent smell to fill the car whenever the air was turn on. She sat there and a tear came to her eyes, part loathing her job, part cat pee, life was playing some pretty cruel jokes on her.

She turned on the radio the the public broadcasting station. High energy pop was not going to cheer her up this after noon. The local weather came on. “The heatwave continues for the rest of the week. Only slight chance of thunderstorms each afternoon..” Her ears started to blur the words together until it all just sounded like, wah wah wah.

She rolled down the windows letting some cold but smelly air exchange for the hot and damp.

She drove home, windows partially down, AC on full blast. Even her sunglasses where sweating with condensation. She was at least glad to have not tried to do anything with her hair today, just pulled back into a bun. A few strays always managed to fall adding to her sloppy appearance.

Pulling into the drive, a neighbor was getting his mail and saw her withering state. “Need a cold drink, don’t cha’?” Yes, she nodded. “Well just remember, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.”

With that smart-allecky phrase, she just about lost it, grabbing her mail in the scorching sun. Keep cool, keep cool, that dude is not worth the extra energy it would take to tell him in more polite terms how that “joke” was utterly and completely uncool. Okay, am I over-reacting? maybe, well yes.

And not only that, she remembered teaching it to him last winter, when there was snow falling every few days and he was out shoveling his car off. Paybacks are hell she thought, as she dragged herself into the house.

Spring and fall….those are real seasons, not too hot or cold. Spring the season of Easter Bunnies, pretty dresses and tulips. Fall the season of turning leaves, chunky sweaters and Thanksgiving. What happened to spring? Why do all the good seasons go by so quickly?

A large black, angry-looking cloud was just on the horizon and a soft patter of rain began to fall just as she closed the door behind her. “Okay, okay. maybe I can wait 5 more minutes.”


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