June 4, 2015: Like Veal

She sat there wondering what to do next. Calendars printed. Emails replied to…the other cube dwellers chatting away, an occasion giggle was heard.

Now what? look busy, type at the screen, act as if you have something to do, some purpose in being here and collecting a paycheck.

The “health room” that’s it. She got up as if there were some important meeting or printing matter to attend to and briskly walked to the heavy door. Behind her, she latched it. No one need know what goes on in here.

Having never been in the room, she looked at the PC and followed the instructions taped to the side of the hard drive.

“login is there….password is….” type type type, she clicked away.

I’m in, good, now what? Measure my weight. okay….a few seconds went by and the number 166 popped up on the screen.

How could this be? I am 150 something, no more than 162…ugh she sighed….there was a knock at the door. The next victim was patiently waiting to do the same thing.

Log out, log out now….sigh

She walked back to her chair, her cube, to sit, like veal.

Okay, we are going to work this off. “Which is better cardio or weight training for weight loss?” she wasted no time scouring the internet for answers. Well, yeah, but no was what she could discern from the endless entries in Google.

Okay, next thing. We will walk the stairs. As she mentally prepared herself for the gruelling hike down and up 9 floors, she felt the eyes from what seemed to be a 100 cubes watch her walk to the stairwell and out the door.

Going down? easy enough. Once she hit the first floor, another sigh, another mental check and she began to step deliberately up the linoleum tiled steps. It was warm and humid in the stairwell. She felt her hair wilt and fizz at the same time. Breathing made more difficult by the dampness.

Wait, there are people coming down the stairs, don’t look so tired, look chipper! She smiled as she plodded up the steps. Only to the 3rd floor and she could already feel the ache in her thighs.

I’ll never make it up, she thought. Breathing harder with each step, each floor required a one second pause before hiking up to another.

4th floor, geez, okay, you can do this.

By the 6th floor, she was pondering taking the elevator back up to the 9th. Just take two seconds then for the next floor. By the time she got up to the 8th, a her legs felt as dense as her mind, like heavy logs you are trying to fish out of the river.

She stopped and looked up. Only a little more pain, only a little longer, you fat-ass and you will be done.

Still the 9th floor seemed miles away. She decided to ignore the pain and go for it.

She made it to the door with a large 9 painted on the wall and nine spelled out in many languages. It was a start. Tomorrow, I’ll do better she thought as she swiped her badge across the scanner and heard the click of the door, allowing her to return to air conditioning.

Her heart was pounding. Trying to cover up the heavy breathing, she grabbed a handful of papers, studying them diligently or at least trying to look studious. There was no mistaking the beads of sweat on the nose, forehead and upper lip as a sure sign indicator that she had just spent a tremendous amount of energy.

She went back to her cube to sit like veal until 5:00.


3 thoughts on “June 4, 2015: Like Veal

  1. Oh Lordy! I can so identify with that. I think I might have started out with HALF the stairs for the first week! We climbed 350+ stairs from the port to Abraham’s Plain in Quebec City (and I’d been walking three miles every day) and I dern near killed myself! I think I stopped every half dozen steps to rest. Fortunately I had a camera with me so folks thought I was taking pictures! LOL

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