Clean Slate, a slate – yes, clean – well, getting there

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Clean Slate.”

Walk through the front door and I am  in a room of earthy colors, rust red, tan, olive green and gold hu943es with touches of black and cream…just a few feet away from a piano, a baby grand piano on an oriental rug. Not a top of the line black piano or even a new one, but it is pretty…medium golden wood with black angular sharp accents. It sits up against the tall rust red wall. Someone plays or played at one time with good intentions of getting back to it, someday.

In one corner a well-worn, burgundy leather club chair faces diagonally to the piano and a black bookshelf, as if to say, “Sit here, set a spell, listen to the music and read something.” No other chairs in the room other than that one and the piano bench. The vaulted ceiling with a fan constantly turning hides the true fact that this is not a large room at all. No space or maybe no need for more than one chair…maybe there is no one to listen.

A fireplace with a cream mantle and a black hearth is other focal point in the room. A large round mirror with a round wooden frame is on the wall over the mantle. It looks like a giant portal. FullSizeRenderA colorful wooden fish was placed in the opening of the fireplace. It is large and flat and angry looking in a nightmarish whimsical way. I guess no one ever uses the fireplace.

Only three vases sit on the mantle. It is pretty bare like the top of the bookcase that only has a small, abstract owl carved out of white alabaster on it.

All the photos, memorabilia, “things”  are on the opposite wall going up the staircase. Placed in a collage of a family life, there are small plates, family photos, paintings and other artsy framed items, like foreign coins. The wall is kind of haphazard, all objects hung in close proximity, but it doesn’t look “done.” It looks like a project in the works, like there needs to be more or better arranged or something.

Maybe she ran out of stuff to hang, but it does give the room a less cluttered appearance that if they were strewn about the bare mantle, book shelves and piano top. Maybe her attempt to control by limiting the location to one spot in the room.

Yes, a she I am guessing. No sports memorabilia or other stereotypical male items. Books on the shelf are mainly cookbooks, a few classics, some fiction and flower arranging. Then there is the obvious giveaway, the owner of this room is fighting a losing battle with cat hair.


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