Practice, Practice and Some YouTube Watching

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Practice Makes Perfect?.”

Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

It was my second lesson. This time I wore strappy black sandals with a short heel. I felt prettier than the first time when I wore flats, but much less stable on my feet.

Tango is always better in heels, always.

So, there I was on a Sunday evening in the middle of a wooden floor with about another 10 or so people waiting for a lesson. There were some couples and some singles. A hipster, artsy couple were adorable in their admiration of each other, all struggling to complete, perfect a few basic steps. I got to dance with the teacher since there weren’t enough male students to go around.

On one hand, that is really great because you are not struggling to read your inexperienced partner’s cues. On the other hand, when you do try to dance with someone else you realize how much a good partner can make you think you know what you are doing.

Left, right, cross, turn, rock…wait or is that right again. After an hour of this, it is all my little brain can handle. The instructor is patient, very patient even though I can sense his frustration with his awkward, ungainly student. I’ve only had a smattering of ballet in the 5th grade and some Zumba classes, none of which prepares me for this.

This is smooth, graceful, elegant and absolutely sublime. During the Milonga (dance party) more experienced couples slide across the floor effortlessly, legs entangling and unwinding in a single breath….everyone on the floor is different in their age, size height and guess what, they can tango so beautifully. I want to do this…I really want to be like them.

So I am off to watch YouTube videos to remind me of what I learned and try a few new steps. You can learn just about anything from YouTube. I’ll shadow dance with myself and try on every pair of shoes I own with a heel to see if I can find a pair that will help support my wobbling ankles. This could take some time.

A guy I was dancing with said the thing about the tango is that there is no perfect, you make a mistake you just tango on. Sounds a bit like life.

Tango on my friends, tango on!


2 thoughts on “Practice, Practice and Some YouTube Watching

  1. Now I am flummoxed! I wrote about playing an instrument and didn’t even THINK about dancing. And here I am a die-hard So You Think You Can Dance fan! Well good luck with that. Go find those shoes, girlfriend!!! 😀


    1. I ended up buying some fab, silvery d’or say ballroom shoes…went to a dance store and learned a lot! FYI- always has ballroom dance classes, go find your happiness!!!!


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