Feeling Scared

I am scared of this world. If you have been watching news reports you’ve only been getting a small dose of why I get the shivers.

Today, on MSN, there is a story about armed white men going into Ferguson, MO. They call themselves the Oath Keepers. The thought of people going into a potential riot area with loaded weapons is disturbing. Why would they do this? I only can guess to shoot someone, meaning  black people.

Here in the USA, because of a document written over 200 years ago when the most destructive rifle was a musket, all citizens have the right to arm themselves with as many modern, high-kill weapons and ammo as they can afford. There are open carry permits that can be obtained by just going and applying for it. Some places you don’t even need that.

I’ve heard people say in the media, that I should feel safer knowing that there are others out there in public carrying weapons- concealed and/or open carry. Do I feel safer knowing that people around me are armed? No, these people are even crazier that the Oath Keepers.

But the real nauseating part of this all are the comments at the end of the article- makes me ill.

There were over 1,900 comments made at the time of this posting. Mainly white men agreeing with the Oath Keepers, making asinine, derogatory comments. In the land where freedom of speech, anyone who disagrees with their opinion in the right to bear arms has names hurled at them varying from female body parts to the typical 4 letter words and phrases. Lots of anti-black slurs, anti-government, anti everything and anything.

I read these comments and think of my own playground bullies, the 7, 8, 9 year old boys who were the sons of uneducated parents, products of their environment. But these are grown men and I can only assume they are armed too. These are grown men, responsible for teaching their own kids to respect other people, not to be racists, not to be bullies, not to be internet trolls and just generally be good people. How embarrassed would their mothers’ be to know that their little boys are using “yeast infection” as a taunt?

I don’t see how these so called men can respect women when they think calling someone a “vagina” is an insult. This goes for using a women’s period as an insult as well Mr. Trump.

What century do I live in? Is it 2015 or 1715? I don’t see much difference sometimes when it comes to respecting women or people from other races and cultures.

Maybe I am too naive, but these comments sadden me to think how far we haven’t come.


8 thoughts on “Feeling Scared

  1. We have open carry here, too. A while back some guy walked into the Penney’s store armed to the teeth and carrying a semi-automatic rifle. Had I been in line at that store waiting to pay for my stuff, I’d have pitched such a fit and walked out. There were young children in there. We see armed people a lot here.

    I think the most tragic thing I’ve heard about (not here) was the mom who was in Walmart shopping with her kids when her three-year-old sitting in the cart was rummaging in her purse and pulled out her hand gun and killed her. WHEN DOES IT STOP. WHAT DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GET IT TO STOP WITHOUT GETTING SHOT OURSELVES? That’s MY big question…

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  2. Why is the right to bear arms such a big deal to a lot of America’s would you say? I spoke to a couple from oklahoma last week who were obviously pro and they didn’t even have an answer to that, not one they could reply with quickly anyway. It’s baffling.

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    1. I think it is part of a cultural paranoia based in the founding of our country and continues to this day that if you don’t protect yourself/property someone will take it away from you.

      I am more concerned about how we go about having a reasonable discussion about what matters and the absolute lack of respect that it seems that a majority of the population hasn’t developed in over 200 years.


      1. The ‘frontier society’ I’ve heard that summed up as. Well yeah, manners would be nice, sorry for not addressing the main thrust, but y’all should seriously get rid of the guns. The ‘only advanced society’ that has that situation as Obama said.

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