It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Mom, you should be so happy you had a family when you did. While being a hormonal handful, your daughter was never on the level of today’s young ladies wants and tastes when it comes to back to school shopping.

My knowledge of what was “in” was limited to what I saw in People magazine, TV or my school mates.
Now, they have social media and the internet blowing up kids minds with what is a proper school wardrobe. Even the most normal looking of clothes can cost a small fortune because of the brand label.

In the early days, shopping was going to an over-run store or browsing the clearance racks at a department store to find bargains. In most stores, I learned early that within 3 – 4 weeks full price was going to be marked down and in another 3 – 4 weeks down again. Take your chances on whether your size was going to be in stock by the time it hit final clearance.

It never occurred to me that some people actually pay full price.

So, why am I reminiscing about this now, over 35 years later?

I’ve been chatting with a friend at work who will be taking tomorrow off to go back to school shopping with her 15 year old daughter. There is immense stress on her, my friend, to go shopping cause the daughter insists on the priciest, name brand everything. Apparently there is no bargaining with the girl and my friend, I can tell you without a shred of doubt, will give into her daughter’s designer, big price-tag dreams.

My suggestion was to let her run free at the outlet stores with a wad of cash, a list of expected clothing and to meet her back in a central location in 6 hours and if one thing doesn’t fit the criteria, (i.e. no stilettos) it allllllll goes back. No new school clothes, sorry. I know that would be brilliant, but a fairy-tale in the real world.

But really, what would the harm be in giving her $30 – $40 (or whatever) to go buy a pair of jeans? Let her find something she likes that fits within the budget? Mom doesn’t like them, they go back and the daughter wasted her own time. Look at it as a science experiment to see if she can do what is needed.

More I think about this topic, the more I realize I could probably edit my own wardrobe. Throw away the stained and to-be-fixed items. In the garbage heap should go all my nasty flip flops as well. Donate jeans that no longer fit i.e. come to grips with my body’s changing shape. Just close my eyes as I hand them off to the Goodwill truck.

It will be tempting to go out and fill the newly acquired space in my wardrobe closet. Maybe I’ll wait until mid-Sept, after all the back to school shopping has been done and the clearance racks will be flush with new garments in my price range.

Glad I am not a parent today.


3 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

  1. This is one thing his lordship and I actually did right when our kids were in school. Every summer the janitors at his office went on vacation so the four of us took over (from the time the kids were in junior high). At the end of the summer we divided the money in half and each kid got to go shopping for their own clothes. Sometimes I went, sometimes I didn’t. They learned pretty quickly the value of Penney’s plain pocket jeans over designer jeans. They knew that money was ALL the money they were going to get. Now they’re both VERY well adjusted when it comes to clothes shopping. In fact, my daughter goes out of her way to buy from second-hand clothing stores. My son just wears everything till it falls apart!

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